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BIENNALE 109 in PARIS – welcome!

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Capture 1 109BIENNALE 109



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An exhibition combining forms, colours and drawings on sculpture made from ancient material: geopolymer
Kalmar_plakat_fuga_2015 net
1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 5. Hungary

‘Spiritual and material gravitations are directed at opposite poles, yet in this world they must act hand in hand.
Our world is being shaped by the eternal nature of the spirit, and the imprint of this work appears in space to our senses.
Having the primal, stronger role, the spirit puts its stamp on the matter and space in which we live so that it may carry – like my face – our story.
That is how my statues carry my comprehensions, conjuring up the deepest yearnings of the spirit in the material, turning what I have learnt in this world manifest by its contrary nature.

The exhibition is a total art work; an artistic experiment, that is based on the mutual presence by synthesizing resonances of visual forms and signs, musical instruments, sounds of objects, human voice and words.’
Janos Kalmar

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